Only good content is king.

David Brami
July 31, 2020

Stories and posts : Stop posting for posting and create your own video content secret sauce easily for free.

📀 We are no longer in 1996.

Looking at the content still trending in 2021, it doesn't look like.In 1996 Bill Gates proclaimed that content is king. To understand this sacred adage it must be placed in its context. In 1996 there were 257,601 websites in the world, we now exceed 1,823,700,000. No need to elaborate on the evolution of other figures like users number, devices multiplication but also the nebulous constellation of jobs and digital marketing tools. SMA, SEO, SMO, Display, Cold emailing, UGC, Retargeting, Growth hacking ... You feel dizzy? its ok! Times have changed. You want good news: these are just tools and for the most part, old renowned marketing tools, because you know it, marketing wasn't born with the internet let alone with Facebook ads.Content is king ... it's true! Especially when the internet market looked like a neighborhood grocery store. In the age of Amazon and Instagram you can publish as much content as you want on social networks, if it does not reach your target in the heart you will just enrich marketing agencies, advertising platforms and the freelance growth hacker you encountered thanks to your LinkedIn Premium Account.

💡 By "content is king", Bill Gates was already talking about quality content. Seeing most of today's content he would probably made his formula more precise, something like: Only good content is king.

What do we mean by Content in 2021?

Growth hackers ready to share their secrets for a like and a comment on LinkedIn are the new apostles of advertising because they have understood one thing: they can sell you the same recipe a hundred times without ever giving you the ingredients to make it succeed. And there is nothing wrong with that because the recipe is decisive. But if you are looking for what will make your audience take off, whatever your business, you must also (and above all) have the "content fuel" that match to your product or service in order to then propel it through marketing tools and services. Good content in 2021 is this story whose first 2 seconds capture attention, this article whose title immediately appeals to you or this picture that we made a screenshot to keep it.

💡 Think about it: content is your engine driving fuel, everything else is just the car around it and to win the race you mostly need a super engine.

Content: your own natural DNA.

Photo by Ali Ossayran on Instagram

We spend so much time on the method and the tools that once mastered we only have one desire: publish some content, until intoxication.

Buyer persona identified, funnel defined and lever chosen, all clearly planned in a publication calendar plus a little bit of growth hacking to boost everything and (especially) let you think that you did a perfect job…Go! But stop for 5 minutes to compare the time spent developing the strategy and the one spent creating or researching your content, thus what will make your campaign successful. The reality is that it takes so much effort to set up a marketing strategy that most of the time the part for creating/researching content is sloppy. Today's marketing toolkit is so vast and addicting that it blurs your vision and obscures the basics.

💡 Do not reverse the priorities: finding or creating relevant content is the priority because it can be the driving force that inspire an entire campaign.

How to create your own video content secret sauce?

One thing is certain, in 2021 your audience will be raided even more with advertising as soon as they connect to any device. You have two choices then: go unnoticed by posting the beautiful Hi-Fi video of your product (which cost you dearly) or focus on your target to find the right video and language that will catch his attention. But where ?

Good news for once, you won't find any best practice advice here, but a straight access to seek concretely inspiration and content that echoes with who you really are to create your own secret sauce of video content. (It's here and free !).We created Pictalio because we love stories and the magic they convey. This mix of the unexpected made of good times in the right places with the right people just as real as we are. Stories are both personal and generic treasures to whose you can make say what you like while maximizing your SEO rankings. We wanted this service to be free because stories exist and are an available resource in a "natural state". We just made Pictalio to allow their exchange more easily thanks to an open access platform and a simple but efficient search system adapted to your needs, whatever they are.

Why it works :

  • True content made by true people

As mentioned in my previous article, the best performing video content today look like your audience. If stories and UGC videos are among the most efficient formats, it is because they reassure your target audience, real content produced by real people: they are your audience.

Tools to go further :

  • The story editors

Engagement thanks to stories video became so huge that it is now expanding beyond the mobile landscape to cover all other display formats. Google allowed to spread the phenomenon of stories wherever you need to thanks to his AMP stories format. Once you find the video you need on Pictalio, you can easily customize it and publish it anywhere you want to without coding just by using tools like MakeStories or Join Stories.

  • Test your content before spreading it

As we said: good marketing practices are no longer enough, you must anticipate what your audience expects and love. It is no coincidence that platforms such as Dash Hudson are so successful today. Thanks to their AI, this kind of SAAS allows you to predict which of your photos and videos content will perform the best before spreading them to the web.

💡 You know your product by heart, so let your intuition guide you to find the video content that will hit your mind and your heart to personalize it and make it say your message. This will be my one piece of advice: people are fed up with commercials ... be real using the videos they created themselves!