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Question 1

What type of videos is on Pictalio?

Pictalio is a place where you can upload and download stories (which are videos in portrait mode), you can find many story topics!

Question 2

Can I download the stories for free?

Yes you can, it's completely free.

Question 3

Can I use the stories for commercial purpose?

Yes, the Pictalio license allows you to use the stories for both personal and commercial purpose.
Check our Terms of Service for detailed explanation of what you can do.

Question 4

Can I edit or modify the stories I downloaded?

Yes you can, as long as you don't re-upload your modified version as your own creation, the video will always belong to its original creator, but you can use your modified version where you need it.

Question 5

What can be uploaded on Pictalio?

You can upload videos in portrait mode that you own and have all authorizations on, check our Terms of Service for more details.

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